Depending on the season a good variety of Bird shooting. Wildfowl, Sand Grouse, Franklyn, Guinea fowl Pigeon and Doves.

The sport is very good, Numbers of Sand Grouse are strictly limited as per SA Hunting recommendations.

Shotguns can be rented £150 per trip. Shotgun shells charged for at the end of Trip.

If you wish to bring your own Firearms this is not  a problem and Prostalk will arrange all the permits for you. We charge a small admin fee £75. We will also handle the Customs import in to South Africa.

Wing shooting in Southern Africa gained increasing popularity in the past few years among hunters headed to the ‘dark continent’ to test their skills. A day or two of wing shooting can easily be tacked onto a plains game hunt or even a dangerous game safari and prove to be a very pleasant diversion.

From the semi-desert in the west to the plains and rivers of the highveld and on to the savannas of the north, the wing shooter can find more than 20 different species of game birds. The best wing shooting opportunities are present during June, July, and August, which coincide with the open seasons in most of South Africa’s provinces. Being a rather social affair, wing shooting is best done in small groups. The ideal size of the group is 6 to 10 hunters.

Winged Safari £1950

5 DAY WINGED/Bird Package: £1950

Dove/Pigeon shooting – This is done over Maize fields / stubble. It is possible to shoot well over 100 per hour. May – August

Guinea fowl Shooting – Our game shooting is predominantly done over thick grass lands on the side of water sources or fields of maize. The shooting is carried out on a large arable farm, mostly walked with some driven. Flocks of 300 – 400 plus guinea fowl

Sand Grouse- We move West from Kimberley to experience possibily the most exciting wing shooting Africa has to offer. Large flocks of Sand Grouse can be seen during April – August.

Why not add an additional few days to your Winged Package and Hunt some Plains Game, Please see our Animal list for prices.

Shooting Party  – The ideal party size is 6 – 10 guns.

If you wish to bring your own Shotgun Prostalk will arrange all the permits etc for fee £75. We will also handle the Customs import in to South Africa.

Alternatively, we can supply Shotguns if required £150 per Trip. Cartridges will be supplied and charged for at the end of your stay.

It is recommended that you obtain your own Travel and Medical Insurance as this is not covered by BASC, BDS etc.